Why do you think we’re called the human race?

It is a race.
It’s a race against time and space and you and me and everything else in between our mental reality
All things thought and spoken
All things sought and broken and mended and broken up by dreams ment to liberate

Why do you lie to yourself that you aren’t a part of this world? That you won’t get swept up in the currents that they ripple through the oceans of the great states of a modern day Mesopotamia?

Why do you hesitate to feed this composition of order with seeds made by an array of metal bars bold and defiant made to arise against retaliation?
Why do you fail to focus on the freedom that is flowing freely from your ability to commit to this composition of order?

Know that the set up is definitive at the get up.
but do not expect to be set into the fossils of their so called security if you do not get up

Get up

Get up from your deep slumber, you are not made to be set apart from them
You are them and they make you
The only you that you know can be seen through the Windows on their faces

Do not be deceived, you were NOT made to digress the path laid down for a them that is all encompassing

You are NOT a stray particle which will rise by the force of the gravitational pull of a plan much larger than them
or you
or the systems found in place that make up this reality


The Dragon and the Phoenix

I want to run away with you
To Pack a bag, a ruck sack and stray into map’s gray areas where rays guide our path ways
To nothing holds us down but the sacks loaded on our backs
And the wanderlust in our eyes never fades or dies

we would stray out into the sunset and welcome a dawn bearing gifts of new found feathers

They would call us Auspicious beings
The restorers of hope and liberty
Carried by sacks perched on arched backs
We would fly off into oblivion and find our marks on the sand of the shores
we would glide across the skies of the open road
You tucked under comfort and benevolence brought by the right of my wing

the head of heavenly deities, ruler of kingdoms under the seas,
Were known for roaming in a limbo state between the highest of heights and the depths of the great oceans,

they called you Dragon.

Heaven was your front garden
and the seas you returned to
when you needed a gentle reminder
of a place called home.

The corridors of the in between you paraded bold and courageous as if you, at all times, were the embodiment of eternity

Vagabonds would pass us in their own perpetual quest for belonging
We would engage with ours for familiarity

And she was named the ‘Queen of Birds’,
It was a title she wore with great pride seeing as she never really had a ‘Home’ as such of her own

The heart of the Phoenix was warm and tender

Never would she harm living organism be it sring of grass or miniscule insect,
they possessed the ability to react to stimulation
by reproduction,
Or development
and this alone was reason enough to treat them as if each, precious gem
in its own right

Dragon and Phoenix would thrive alone

Together, however, unstoppable.
They would soar passed the borders of incarceration,
never accepting a dimension in which they were unable to stretch forth glorious wings to full length and let wind find them a new realm in which they would fleetingly take residence

We would soar till dusk became dawn
And rest til the former came back around

Til nothing was left behind and an infinite nothingness stretched forward blanketed
by the intertwined wings belonging to two bodies of ancient make.

Slow, Steady, Stable, Reliable

Slow, steady, reliable

The darkness creeps around me until it becomes all I see
Will he be exactly what I need?
Will he be chosen, the perfect timing to strip away my disarray
To swap my loneliness and distress for the Thrill?
A beautiful exchange
A peaceful moon rising
A high tone of cold and comfort
Darkness creeping around me
Slow, steady, reliable
Like the monsters that await the lapse of my indiscretion
Agitation, anger
Darkness is but foreboding of anguish
Loneliness submerges my being
I’m now cold and damp
His Will could not be much more anticipated


I blow this one high into the sky

And kiss my fears goodbye

As she steers me into the sweet

Serenity that only she has the power to bring

From deep within

Why how and when become still

What was once foggy with dread and unease

Its time has come to cease

Only now fills the sink of my mind

Now I find tranquil the measurement of time

And my angst is no more


Still afternoons with that beating heart

Adventurous Sci-Fi hours ticking by

The much anticipated arrival of serenity

A life which is by turns calm

And excitement

brought by that beating heart

‘What shall we do today?’

Asks that beating heart – each day

Seasoned with the subtle reminder of the last

And peppered with yearning for the next

Each day with that beating heart

Is a thousand days without

That beating heart

The Produce of Idle Afternoons at the Office

This desk

This white that pulls on my shoulders and strains the muscles of my back

This mouse that is louder than most

Pulls the warmth from my right hand

This file

The sight pulls all expression from my mind

This screen

A wondrous invention

It keeps my creative atoms flowing

Especially during that break that signals the mid of my day at the office.

Citation X


Through the air

On and off lights flash
Against the bright day light sky
Her arms stretch thinner than the air which moves
Aside to make way for her
A body, heavy and elegant
Bold and definitive
White and glimmering as she turns into the run way
A messenger, Cessna
Steadily, she begins to roll
The lioness swings left and right, assessing her terrain, marking her dominion
Two wide gaping holes propel Citation down that run way
And like a model she struts elegant and bold picking up pace
Goddess X
Even in the bonding confines of land,
She delivers further, breaking prison bars and pushing harder, faster
Gone from your lungs is the air her rise demands
1,127 Kilometres per hour
2 pairs of wings
1 partnership
Thoughts, ideas, visual prototypes
2nd to none
The ascend is gradual but powerful
Rising like the long anticipated queen who will awaken a new era into existence
From afar she seams small, insignificant
Yet she is a marvel
The closer you get, the more she instills intrigue
She begins to ring your senses
Louder and louder, shaking you into awareness,
Louder still she raises the curtain that blocks your consciousness
She entraps you under her protective wing with a grip so great
You cant help but lose self in her wake
Heavy and real
She is strong and she is mighty
She is courageous
She is bold
She is beauty

Notes of Woe: Filling In the Space

Put headphones back into ears

Click onto desired location

Fill in the spaces angst has taken dominion over
White noise floods my ears
Washing away the sound of dismantled hope
White noise makes it way up to my head and melts my mind
I am no longer a prisoner in this cell
I am in the screen
My angst is subdued, buffered by the sound of white noise
She speaks of revealing her angst to her mother
I can relate
The words continue to drown out my personal sorrow
My heart is not my own
He speaks of drowning under a shower of words
Of water flowing, unstoppable, imprisoned by nothing
My heart is metal
Water fills my mind and the bars no longer fit the spec
My heart has dissipated and reappeared in his hands
My mind is drowning
Mind is drowning
Mind drowning
A metal detector
A magnet of sorts
He holds it near me and my heart begins to palpitate
Against all the bars I have raised, a personal cell, a personal hell to keep it in
The inmate breaks free
The inmate latches on to his body and I am no more

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