Why do you think we’re called the human race?

It is a race. It's a race against time and space and you and me and everything else in between our mental reality All things thought and spoken All things sought and broken and mended and broken up by dreams ment to liberate Why do you lie to yourself that you aren't a part of... Continue Reading →

The Dragon and the Phoenix

I want to run away with you To Pack a bag, a ruck sack and stray into map's gray areas where rays guide our path ways To nothing holds us down but the sacks loaded on our backs And the wanderlust in our eyes never fades or dies we would stray out into the sunset... Continue Reading →

Slow, Steady, Stable, Reliable

Slow, steady, reliable ... The darkness creeps around me until it becomes all I see Will he be exactly what I need? Will he be chosen, the perfect timing to strip away my disarray To swap my loneliness and distress for the Thrill? A beautiful exchange ... A peaceful moon rising A high tone of cold and comfort Darkness... Continue Reading →


I blow this one high into the sky And kiss my fears goodbye As she steers me into the sweet Serenity that only she has the power to bring From deep within Why how and when become still What was once foggy with dread and unease Its time has come to cease Only now fills... Continue Reading →


Still afternoons with that beating heart Adventurous Sci-Fi hours ticking by The much anticipated arrival of serenity A life which is by turns calm And excitement brought by that beating heart ‘What shall we do today?’ Asks that beating heart – each day Seasoned with the subtle reminder of the last And peppered with yearning... Continue Reading →

Citation X

Flying Through the air On and off lights flash Against the bright day light sky Soaring ... Her arms stretch thinner than the air which moves Aside to make way for her A body, heavy and elegant Bold and definitive White and glimmering as she turns into the run way A messenger, Cessna ... Steadily, she begins... Continue Reading →

Notes of Woe: Filling In the Space

Put headphones back into ears Click onto desired location Fill in the spaces angst has taken dominion over ... White noise floods my ears Washing away the sound of dismantled hope White noise makes it way up to my head and melts my mind ... I am no longer a prisoner in this cell I am in the screen... Continue Reading →

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